The future looks grim on The Wall, by John Lanchester

thewall.PNGShort take: A dystopian that is surprisingly fun to read- the plot is interesting and it makes you think a lot about recent affairs of the world!

Kavanagh is a British man, and he is serving his national duty on British coast- where now there is a giant Wall to keep “The Others” climbing in, coming from the sea. He is a part of guards that are managed by a passionate patriotic “Captain”. We, their ancestors fucked up and they are paying the price in this dystopian world where people no more want babies- that’s how much they enjoy life. If you wish to “partner up” to have a baby you become a Breeder.

Pros: The Wall was a very interesting and enjoyable read for a dystopian- I usually find them quiet gray. The inspiration for this book lies all around us around the news. The rise of far right, the Wall Trump brought up, the empty shell of patriotism to pump people’s hatred, immigrant crisis and all. It works well together and Lanchester creates a breathable world.

Cons: it’s funny, I liked this book very much but it didn’t wow me, and I give this to reading too many dystopian books recently- there’s this thing with dystopias didn’t they just become so popular last two years!

Who should read this? Anyone with a heart for dystopian/ science fiction; who enjoys thinking about global politics, who wants an easily readable book with lot of subtext. This could make a good Book Club discussion definitely.


What do you think?

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