Call Me Evie by J.P. Pomare

A short take: callmeevieFor fans of Before I Go to Sleep, Call Me Evie is a story that develops slowly and offers a good reading experience to any thriller lover.

Evie doesn’t remember why she ended up in a remote part of New Zealand away from crowds with a man she chooses to address as ‘Jim’. Jim is seemingly protecting Evie from whatever trouble they have run away from in Sydney- but is he really? Is Evie captive, victim or is she guilty?  With fragmented memories, not knowing who to trust, Evie (now named Kate) is living in an isolated part of New Zealand with Jim. The story goes back and forth in time and we know something happened in the past- but just don’t know what until the end.

Pros: A good, slow-burning, tense thriller without any gross, disturbing content, I really enjoyed this and would definitely read from Pomare again. From the start of the book Evie’s confusion and memory troubles keeps the story going, although I wasn’t shocked in the end, I loved how the tension was built and all the questions were answered. The story unfolds like a puzzle being solved and it’s good fun to put together the pieces. This is a cleverly written, gripping psychological thriller with almost no trigger warnings so it’s a delight to read. Also unlike a lot of recent thrillers, it doesn’t have a masculine tone or cringing details of abuse or gore so it’s perfect for sensitive readers who enjoy thrillers.

Cons: Couldn’t help to think it could have been a bit shorter. (I like one-sitting reads and this took me two nights, and I had to wait to solve the mystery 🙂 )


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  1. I *JUST* listened to an interview with this guy last night! The interviewer really emphasised how well he wrote his female characters, and it sounds like he did a lot of really hard work to make sure he was crafting them well. To be honest, it’s probably not the kind of book I would have thought to pick up for myself, but off the back of that interview + your review here, I think I might have to! 😉


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