She Lies in Vines Blog Tour

The second  post of today from one of my favourite publishers, Hodder Books, is She Lies in the Vines by Benjamin Stevenson. I’m lucky to be on the blog tour for this thriller! I love a good thriller.

Capture First thing first about this book: Jane Harper praised it! I don’t know about you but when an author I love praises a book it has a MASSIVE effect on me. Thankfully this time this book did not disappoint!

It’s a gripping, tense thriller about a cold case that will be a divine find for people who love True Crime stuff!

The story is about a True Crime producer, Jack who is really clever and ambitious to boost the ratings of his programme. Four years ago Eliza was Dacey was murdered by Curtis Wade, he was convicted of Eliza’s murder on circumstantial evidence and victim of a biased police force so he is the perfect candidate to make millions of people snack in front of TV sitting in the corner of their sofa, thinking, “is he really guilty? or innocent??”!

Just before the end of the programme, Jack discovers a tiny, tiny detail that may prove Curtis’s guilt for certain. But Jack is an arsehole and he disposes of the evidence to save his show’s ratings and success, delivers the finale without change: proposing that Curtis is innocent.

argh! it is Tense, it is interesting, it is a book that should be read by lovers of Crime/Thrillers! I really admire how Stevenson came up this original plot – the true crime drama, and from that angle, a murder case looks really different.

Have you read this book? Is it on Your Radar? Please see other bloggers in the tour, and please visit those blogs too!


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