Little Darlings by Melanie Golding

0a57620f-2e12-4f5f-b7aa-67649ecec80fShort take: This is a tense page-turner with supernatural elements,  does a wonderful portrayal of a new mum and the struggles of looking after a newborn.

Little Darlings was engaging read from the start, if you’re a follower of this blog or my Instagram page, you know I’m a big Thriller reader and this one was perfect for my craving. There are absolutely no trigger warnings, no cringey details. Although from time to time it becomes a bit creepy- which I loved! And there is a lot to relate if you ever had newborns to look after!

Laura is a new mother, to twin boys, and obviously, she’s not sleeping and still at the hospital after the traumatic birth experience. One night, a woman approaches her to offer a nonsense deal of swapping the babies, with her own twins. Laura freaks out, calls 999- but no one believes her in the end. When she’s discharged from the hospital, he goes home with her husband Patrick, but things don’t get better.

Laura isn’t going out, she’s still seeing the woman, she feels scared. Patrick is literally an asshole and he just dumps the babies on poor Laura and goes to sleep on another room. (these were the moments I wanted to kick a novel character in the balls)

Even the cover gives you the creeps

Poor Laura, with support from her friends and push from her husband, decides to go out one day with the babies, but things would get an interesting shape once she’s out! There’s also the Policewoman, Harper, who is intrigued with this case and she decides to investigate this case although her boss says she should drop it.

I loved how the supernatural elements were blended into the story before each chapter there’s a little passage from a book about newborns and supernatural things. I am Turkish and in Turkey, we have a lot of old wife tales about how fairies/djinns will harass a new mum or babies, a lot of creepy tales and babies first 40 days are very important. I think Golding captures that eerieness in an amazing way and the idea behind this novel is so clever. I wasn’t too crazy about the way this book ended, but the story kept me entertained until the end so highly recommended to everyone except new mothers!

What do you think? Have you read it, will you read it?

Happy reading x

Thanks to HQ, Uk Publisher and Crookedlane books, Us publisher for these beautiful copies.


  1. I haven’t read this book but I am really interested now. I like supernatural elements when they are blended in well with the story line and not too out there. Great post!


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