The New Girl by Harriet Walker

4af06715-99e5-40c0-9169-64b72477659eIf you have ever used a maternity leave, you will understand how it feels. A part of you is just looking forward for it to start, and another part is depressed, because “your territories” at work would be handled over to another person. And almost most of the time, you pick this person, which makes it even worse!

The New Girl is a bit about this feeling…And a lot more!

Margot is perfect, too perfect in my humble opinion, working in one of these glossy fashion magazines and having the perfect polished life and all…and she’s getting ready for her maternity leave. She picks Maggie as her replacement. And Maggie is nothing like Margot! (but is she, really?)

Margot’s best friend Winnie is/was also pregnant but she tragically loses the baby and then the two fall apart. And Winnie doesn’t return Margot’s calls.

I must admit the book has a slow start but then it picks up as it goes deeper. It’s not a “thriller” I would say, more on the vibe of “Devil Wears Prada”. A lot of exploration on emotions, friendship, insecurities, how social media may affect our lives. I believe the author, Harriet Walker had worked on a fashion magazine herself, and I think one of the good things about this book is seeing the “behind the scenes” from the first hand.

The New Girl is out now! I hope you get a chance to read it.



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