My February CWTR (Can’t wait to read) list

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CaptureWhat are you currently reading? Here are some books I am really craving to read. Is it OK to say this is my CWTR- can’t wait to read list?

Saltwater by Jessica Andrews has been on my radar since I have read Daisy Johnson’s comments on it. It’s probably the most attractive one for me personally in this lot. This is a novel about class differences, growing up, what shapes who we become.  Coming up in March!(Sceptre)
Dignity by Alys Conran (gosh, aren’t one word titles powerful) has a gorgeous cover and it’s an interesting story about a couple of women with different backgrounds, I hope I love it.  Out in April by W&N (Orion books)

Memories Of The Future by Siri Hustvedt is a really quirky novel about a woman’s obsession with her neighbour- described as a novel about memory, gender mutability, vagarities of perception.  (Sceptre, March)

The Language Of Birds by Jill Dawson is another fantastic upcoming release about the infamous Lord Lucan affair- Murder in Belgravia- exploring the roots of a shocking murder.  (Sceptre, April)

The Chalk man is a famous one, I am so curious about it. Finally hoping to get around reading it! I hope I love it. I know lots of book bloggers really loved it and told the world it’s a super chilling book. so I really look forward reading it!

Thanks to Sceptre books and W&N to the gifted copies(except Chalk Man)

Have you read or planning to read any of these?


      1. Sounds about right!
        It’s one of those books i keep recommending to everyone who’d listen 😀 Even to my friend and i know she won’t listen, but worth a try!


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