A day out in Saffron Walden #Essex #BookshopCrawl

I love going out and about… 7 years in Britain now and still love discovering new places. I must say, I have been almost everywhere in England, half of Wales, and a bit of Scotland. Need to visit North Ireland soon to complete the tour!

My mum visited us this summer, and she’s flying back to Turkey today. Monday was our last chance to wander around, so after dropping the wee one to school we drove to Saffron Walden.  Saffron Walden is a market town very near Cambridge, many might think it’s in Cambridgeshire but it’s actually in Essex!

It’s picture perfect and have a super open market on Saturdays. Love the fishmonger!

Anyway after arriving with empty tummies, we sat in one of the cafe’s (The Curious Goat) and the atmosphere and the interior was lovely, the breakfast wasn’t the best but it was still good.


Isn’t it nice to see books as part of decoration in eateries?


First stop was the lovely Hart Books. Please visit if you are around, they have a good selection of books, the interior is very nice and staff is so friendly. I got a copy of Overstory there. I have learned they are part of London’s Daunt books family, which is good. We need our bookshops in highstreets- I do shop from Amazon, but I also shop from indie bookshops as I want them to stay alive! Life would be so dull without bookshops.

Normal people was out there…

Next one in Bookshop Crawl was the Oxfam Bookshop. I really, really liked this one and it’s very visible the volunteers are doing an amazing work to keep it nice and tidy, the displays was so attractive.


Lovely charity bookshop and found some good books here. Very good selection of hardcovers. Worth a visit!


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I bought this lovely from Oxfam:


Then we popped to this quirky shop called THE OTHER ONE: it’s opened just 2 weeks ago! Lucky to  discover it.

I’ve started spotting the Flamingo everywhere since I read Transcription. Adoring the cover art! (and the mirror art)
Wouldn’t this quirky door stoppers be the perfect Xmas gift?


Here are their details and fellow shops!

Then we admired the rest of Saffron Walden.. Here are some photos I’ve  took and edited!

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Have you been to Saffron Walden?





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