Two truths and a lie : Last Time I Lied

36626748We have read Last Time I Lied by Riley Sager by Norrie from Reading Under the Blankie. Reading in parallel was good fun- Here is her review.

This book was SO gripping. It picked my interest from the start. I wasn’t fan of the style of writing but the plot was interesting. Who doesn’t like a summer camp mystery?

13 year old Emma is sent to a summer camp. Nicknamed as ‘Camp Rich Bitch’, Camp Nightingale is a place mostly rich and elite send their kids to. But 15 years ago something terrible happened and the camp closed it’s doors. The 3 older girls Emma stayed together gone missing- just vanished without a trace. No one ever found out what happened to them.

Rumors swirl that the girls had been murdered by a savage madman who lived in the woods. That they had been abducted— either by humans or aliens, depending on which website you read. That something even more mystically sinister happened to them. Witches. Werewolves. Spontaneous cellular disintegration.

Now the camp is re-opening. And Emma is back in the camp!!!!

Yes- I can hear you screaming: Is Emma crazy? Why do you go back to your teenage nightmare!

But Emma is kind of obsessed with this missing girls: Vivian, Natalie and Allison. She wants to find out what actually happened.

Just one small hint about what happened could make a difference. It won’t erase my sins. But there is a chance it could make them more bearable.

As I am sure you’ll expect, after Emma goes back to the camp, weird stuff start happening. Is camp’s owner Franny hiding something? Or is it her adopted boys Theo and Chet? How about Franny’s right arm Lottie, or another girl from the past, Becca, who openly hates from Vivian. There is a lot of characters walking around and the plot makes you suspiciously eye them from start to finish.

I wish the ending was less dramatic…Until the 85% I was thinking of rating the book with a 4 star as it was impossible to drop it. I had to find out what has happened to the girls. Who was responsible. The ending wasn’t horrid, but there were some lose ends and when you think everything from the start some questions arise. I won’t say anymore as it will be revealing spoilers!

I honestly hated the epilogue. It was absolutely unnecessary.

Verdict: 3 stars

I will read again from Riley Sager. (Which is a pen name )

3 stars



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