The Woman in Window


The Woman in the Window was by far the most advertised, spoken, praised thriller of last six months. It even has a praise by Gillian Flynn, the queen of damn-bloody-thrillers on it’s cover; AND THAT GOT ME SUPER EXCITED.

I will do a quick and dirty “the good, the bad and the ugly” if you don’t mind!


The book really finishes quickly.  It’s very gripping and although the start is a bit slow, after 20% you can find yourself flowing with it. I finished this in one sitting from my flight to UK to Turkey- it was a good choice to read during a flight.


The twists. I didn’t like them- there is 2!

First one-the one about Anna- is quite easy to  guess I think, as a frequent reader of suspense I found myself putting my finger on it. Didn’t see the final one coming at all, and can’t say I liked it. Sorry for being picky!


The audio book version. Just couldn’t stand it. I think the narrator was OK. But the structure of the book, dialogue heavy chapters makes it impossible to follow when listening. The book consist of chatter between characters. Way too much talk…


I tried to listen this but gave up after 10 chapters as nothing seem to be happening and it became a bit messy. Returned the book on audible. Reading was faster and easier. So wouldn’t recommend the audio copy.

This was an average thriller for me. Not a bad one, but I just didn’t get all the hype about the book.

If you liked this book I would recommend The Wife Between Us by Sarah Pekkanen & Greer Hendricks, Ice Twins by S.K. Tremayne. Happy reading!


  1. It does, doesn’t it. Everywhere I look I saw this book and decided to read it see what’s it like! Also the score if has on goodreads was so high..But I think it is a 3star read for me..


  2. I’m always afraid of anything described as “for fans of Gone Girl and Girl on a train” it usually sends me screaming for the hills… and the Rear Window similarities… It seems like one that will be hit or miss, Maybe I’ll save it for a summer or vacation read!

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