The Word is Murder, the inspector is Hawthorne!

B01MT5Z1ET.01.LZZZZZZZI really loved this book! This is exactly the type of whodunit I like. Plus you have the humour. I loved the way Horowitz writes already but absolutely enjoyed him blending himself into the story and his inner thoughts made me chuckle from time to time. Really didn’t want this book to finish. Although I read this book on holiday I devoured it in two days. These type of books make me wish I read slower :p

A well off, elderly lady walks into a funeral parlor one day to arrange her own funeral and she is murdered on the same day! Is this a coincidence? Did she knew she was going to be murdered? And more importantly, who is the murderer? Well, ex-police officer, new police consultant, the bittersweet investigator Hawthorne knocks Anthony Horowitz’s door and offers him a deal. I want to say the duo solve the murder together but things aren’t working like that with Hawthorne! Hawthorne is an interesting character.  He is annoying but likable in the same time. Very secretive. Pushy. Homophobic. I don’t know why I like him but I do!

The narrator is Horowitz himself. The puzzle is intriguing. It hooks you from the start and I love the way Horowitz wrote. I loved Magpie Murders and this book was a really good one as well. Will look forward for Horowitz’s next book! (less)

One interesting thing about this book and Magpie Murders: In MM, there was a gay character, not really likable one, and he was favoring really young man(legal age though) and again same kind of subject comes up in this book, where Hawthorne express dislike against an older (around 60 I assume) man then Horowitz labels him as homophobic. Coincidence? Or is it Horowitz showing some sort of criticism against elder people running after very young people (it doesn’t really matter straight or gay). Weird! If you read the two books, would love to know what you think about this.

In any case, I love the way Horowitz writes. Please pass me the next Hawthorne book!


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