Girl, They All Fall Down!


They All Fall Down was a very enjoyable read for me. It is slow paced, and the characters open up and their histories reveal much later than you expect but worth the wait. I love a good suspense when characters are built well and this is it!

Hannah is somebody like us. Well, she was. She had a good job, parents that love her and a husband she loved before she’s moved to a woman-patients-only private psychiatric clinic. Apparently she had a breakdown, but we don’t know why. Some of the other patients in the clinic seem far more disturbed then Hannah. They are all haunted by their own minds and past. When Charlie, the person Hannah feels probably the closest in the clinic, commits suicide Hannah is shaken. Then another patient dies. Hannah becomes convinced that someone is murdering them. She shares her fears with her mum, who unwillingly becomes doing detective-work to see what’s going on.

Almost everyone has something to hide, and a troubled past. Although I didn’t like every single person becoming a suspect of what has happened, I enjoyed learning about them more. The whole thing have a resemblance to Girl, Interrupted. I loved that movie, and maybe I liked this book because of this similarity!


Tammy Cohen definitely writes gripping stories, that have rich characters with depth. Her characters feel so real, with their fears, joys, curiosity, anger, remorse etc. I really like the style of her writing. A while ago I have read When She was Bad and equally enjoyed it. Will definitely read more from Cohen.


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