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The Good Samaritan by John Marrs

Warning: This review contains mild spoilers The Good Samaritan by John Marrs is a well-written, dark and disturbing thriller. While most suspense novels reveal little from the beginning and build up the story up to a surprise ending, Marrs sets the game from the beginning of the novel by introducing anti-heroine Laura and her deadly motives. Laura works for End […]

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Errm.. Excuse me- Did you see Melody?

Cara Burrows flees from her family. She is ultra angry about something that’s not revealed to the reader. Wasting away a big chunk of their savings she flies away from her family drama  to Arizona, miles away from her Hertfordshire home,  to stay in a 5 star holiday resort. Then something really weird happens. (As it always does in Sophie […]

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When you Disappeared – John Marrs

After years of hard-boiled resistance I bought a Kindle this week. It’s not that I’ll favour the device over paper but it’s about convenience. There are so many deals on Kindle and it’s such an ease whilst travelling. John Marrs’s When You  Disappeared is the first book I’ve read on my Kindle. I’ve read John Marrs before(The One), and interestingly felt exactly the same about these two books. They start  very promising, the first two thirds of the book is gripping and intriguing but the story makes too many unconvincing turns and takes in too much coincidence. The character building in ‘The One’ was a bit better then this one. I wish the plot was simpler. Catherine and Simon are happily married with 3 beautiful children. But one day Catherine wakes up to find Simon gone. She thinks he’s gone for a run, but he doesn’t show up. There is nothing left behind, no goodbye note, no trace. Simon vanishes into thin air. Then the story moves forward to 25 years later and Simon comes back to face with Catherine – Kitty, as he calls her. As the novel moves back and forth between years the truth about why and how folds out. I couldn’t stop reading in the first half of the book- I was hooked into the story, and dying to find out why Simon left his family. These kind of page-turner books are like running towards a […]

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