I am Ova,

30-something, Turkish-British book blogger.

I live in Cambridge with my family.  I am mum to a 5 year old borderline toddler-kid, and wife to a 30 something techy-nerd.

I have a Computer Science degree and a Business Administration Masters on top of that. I get along with software better than people, kept it nice and technical, working as a Software Developer and specifically have a passion for a Microsoft platform called SharePoint. I am usually addressed as the ‘SharePoint lady’ at work!

Outside my IT life, I have an addiction which is known as: READING. I read too much. I buy too many books. I spend way too much time discussing books, looking at books, wandering in bookshops. I like to peek other people’s bookshelves. I constantly get harassed by others :WHYAREYOUBUYINGSOMANYBOOKS?

I started this blog on Nov, 2017 after a dear friend motivated me. (You should start blogging, she said, it’ll be fun she said!)

I really enjoy blogging so far, as it helps me to meet new bookish people & good books!

Hope you enjoy my blog, please use the categories drop down above to see what I’ve been reading & reviewing.

And please, Excuse my reading…