The Rage of Dragons by Evan Winter

c8c98ebd-503a-4c80-afa0-4b79bc90bb8aAre you looking for a different, refreshing Adult Fantasy that will grab you from this world and take into another?

Well, then I am pleased to show you The Rage of Dragons! I have read a little bit of it and not been able to finish yet, mostly because I am in a reading slump not letting me concentrate because of the turbulent of emotions in my personal life lately, but I can say it’s pretty intriguing from the very start.

Described as  Game of Thrones meets Gladiator, it’s an appealing book for the adult fantasy fans like me.

This is a book that offers a solid arc of the main character where we observe his change from an ordinary wannabe-soldier to a skilled warrior. There are  social classes, which I am sure is affected by the social classes in real-life Africa, as this is an African-influenced fantasy, and that certainly makes the novel more interesting and unique in its own way. As I am kind of at the start of the novel, I will leave the blurb below, please let me know what you think!

Here is the blurb:

The Omehi people have been fighting an unwinnable fight for almost two hundred years. Their society has been built around war and only war. The lucky ones are born gifted. One in every two thousand women has the power to call down dragons. One in every hundred men is able to magically transform himself into a bigger, stronger, faster killing machine.

Everyone else is fodder, destined to fight and die in the endless war. Young, gift-less Tau knows all this, but he has a plan of escape. He’s going to get himself injured, get out early, and settle down to marriage, children, and land. Only, he doesn’t get the chance. Those closest to him are brutally murdered, and his grief swiftly turns to anger. Fixated on revenge, Tau dedicates himself to an unthinkable path. He’ll become the greatest swordsman to ever live, a man willing to die a hundred thousand times for the chance to kill the three who betrayed him.


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