I Know Who You Are by Alice Feeney

Bleep Bleep! Sassy thriller lover alert! I am so picky when it comes to liking thrillers, I know- but this time it’s a huge me likey from me.


Short take: I love my thrillers when I don’t need to spend any effort to “get into” the story, it just picks me up to a roller coaster ride and this book was SO like that.  It was a bit on the “unrealistic” side at times but it was OK for me as overall it was good fun and in the mystery/thriller genre it’s the perfect book. If you’re a huge thriller lover like me and want a book to cut you out from the world, a couple of hours, then this is it!

21b090aa-b262-4b00-876a-cea118716a84Aimee’s husband goes missing, and things are really off between them. Then bang! Someone empties Aimee’s bank account- she goes to the bank and they say “oh honey, it was YOU who got the money”. Though she’s sure she didn’t do that!

Then the story starts to develop and we get to know Aimee, she is a recently famed actress; becoming popular every day and she had a woman stalking her and she have a few “bitchy” connections in the celebrity world and the press. It goes between past and present, we see how Aimee lived as a child (not giving details for the sake of not spilling spoilers but believe me she had a hell of a childhood) and the difficulties she’s been through.

Aimee’s past is so different from her today, so what happened in between, what happened to her husband and who her stalker is are the questions that keep the story going. I had my guesses but they were so wrong, I was surprised in the end although the end was a bit too tense to read!

As we reach the truth step by step the story did accelerate, I read that on holiday and although I was dead tired I stayed up late to finish! That says all I think…Some trigger warnings of child neglect, but apart from that, it’s easy to read. Recommended for thriller fans! Also, in my opinion, it would make a really bloody good movie or TV series  too!



What do you think?

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