Disturbance by Marianne Kavanagh

dist.jpgShort take: Here is a well-written book for domestic thriller lovers, set in a small circle of people, showing the power of gossip and the tension of living in a small village where people are seemingly friendly but you wouldn’t know who really to trust! Don’t hesitate to pick this up if you loved Desperate Housewives or Hot Fuzz (I know! sounds weird but have the same buzz about the secrets in a small English town!)

The novel follows two women, Sara- who looks after her injured husband who is really psychologically abusing her and she has willingly isolated herself from village community and Katie – a young student who walks people’s dogs and becomes a source of information about other people and village gossip to Sara! The two develop a friendship whilst strange things happen in the village. Then one day, something happens- and that changes the way the story flows!

Pros: Atmosphere is brilliant, all the small village folk materialise flash and bones. I loved the way Sara acts and develops as a character, although the start was slow, the pace after you get used to the book is quite nice and once you get hold of the side characters the plot becomes really interesting! And the ending was definitely memorable! I really loved the ending. Chilling!

Cons: The start was a bit slow, until “the thing” happened it felt more like a drama than a thriller, be prepared to invest some time to get in, it’s worth it!

💁🏻‍♀️Who should read this? I would recommend this book to domestic thriller lovers, also if you like the sound of Desperate Housewives(tv show) with fewer love affairs than this book is for you!

Thanks to Hodder Books for this copy.


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