Dark Pines by Will Dean: Dark Pines nurturing dark minds

Listened Dark Pines on audible, and really enjoyed it. How could you not like something so atmospheric and that takes you to the wild Swedish forests?35672370

Tuva is a deaf journalist, able to hear with a hearing aid though likes turning it off and disconnecting herself from the world time to time. She lives in northern Sweden which is a tight community- not seemingly welcoming change, or open minds. Detached from her dying mother, she is a lone soul with a will to make the career move to move away from the area.

Elk hunt is a big thing in this town called Gavrik, men usually hunt. Nature and wilderness makes Tuva uncomfortable and she doesn’t enjoy it, but when an hunter is found dead in the forest, his eyes taken out, Tuva would have to investigate because this is her chance to write a good story to progress her career.

The people in the story and Tuva are beautifully portrayed. There are a bunch of really interesting characters, two weird sisters who make trolls, a really odd writer,  an Asian lady that cooks for Swedes – who don’t always necessarily appreciate her!  I love Sweden, visited 4 times in different regions and this book literally took me there. Another thing I loved about the book is the female characters being strong and independent. In crime novels they “traditionally” end up being victims, or operate in really confused, damsel in distress mode, so it was a joy to read this book.

I guessed the identity of the killer, because I kind of sensed the way Dean wrote about them was a bit more meticulous than the other characters, but overall I really enjoyed this story. If you’re looking for a well written crime novel without any gross, disturbing content, or any emotional porn, look no more. This is crime fiction with quality. I really liked Tuva and will read the second book, Red Snow as well. Highly recommended.

4 stars.

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