Before She Knew Him: (a.k.a. me before meeting Mr Swanson)


Before I knew Mr Swanson, I had no idea how enjoyable the cat-and-mouse games were to read. I still remember picking up The Kind Worth Killing lazily in an airport, expecting very little of it as I’ve never heard of Mr Swanson back then. I started reading the book on the plane and I was glued to it. God, it was good. Then I read The Girl with a Clock for Heart.  Just as The Kind Worth Killing, it had strong female characters and I simply loved this aspect of his characterisation. There are no whiny, waiting to be rescued females in his books. They’re as bad as or as strong as the male characters. I love that about Mr Swanson. He likes women. For years I had rolled my eyes reading crime fiction, as there’s always this confused female struggling with things and men running to help. None of that crap in this books.  And the plots. Let me be very cheeky and say, like don’t tell my mum but, the plots in these books are like a recurring orgasms. You think you’ve figured out what’s going on- WRONG. There’s always a wham! another jolt of excitement in the corner. Up until Before She Knew Him , Her Every Fear was my favourite one. An unstoppable book- try it.

So what’s Before She Knew Him is about then?

Simply about two neighbours. Hen and Matthew. Hen has issues in past and when her husband and herself move to a new house with her she hopes to live a quite good life. Just one dinner date with the neighbours prove the opposite. Could Matthew, a high school teacher living in same street, be a cold-blooded killer?  I know when you describe the book like that it sounds so cliché but believe me, I am not saying more for not spoiling it for you. Swanson sets the game on in the beginning and takes you to a cat and mouse game through this clever novel. Just as you think all the original ideas have been written already. My jaw literally dropped in the end of this book. That’s all I am saying! I hope we see this one as a movie or a TV series.  It’d be amazing!

Guys, I think you know me now. I say when I don’t like a book and when I like a book I grab it and run shouting around : I LOVED THIS. Sorry if this was a loooong review, and I hope you didn’t end up yawning because it’d be a shame! This book is just amazing and I hope my review could be worthy enough.

5 stars!!!!




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