Winter of the Witch: The final book of Winternight Trilogy and GIVEAWAY!

037a278a-7b08-4f33-b0be-48cf22d23a28 Today is my turn on the fabulous Winter of the Witch’s UK blog tour and I am very excited. Winternight trilogy started with The Bear and the Nightingale and introduced us one of the most kick-ass female protagonists of YA fiction: Vasya. When we met her in Bear and the Nightingale she was a  child-girl, not knowing so much about the world and it’s evils, but as the story developed, especially in The Girl in the Tower, she’s faced with evil beyond imagination, and experienced feelings she’s never really known before. Love, fear, loss, grief, power, hate, and even shock.

What makes this series beautiful is the blend of Russian folklore and landscape in it, it’s written in such a convincing way, even though the book is in another time, you’re almost sure if you ever lurk in Russian woods you might bump into a spirit or two. The elements of Russian folklore are delicious to read, from forest spirits to Domovoy, the house spirit that lives in the oven (it’s actually not only a cooking oven, but something that’s used to warm up the house as well). In this different, magical world, although everything is SO different, one thing is quite similar to our world : gender inequality. Even things like horse-riding, Vasya struggles to get away as a female. Hey, in our world, in some places woman can’t even drive, right? So the feminist tones of this book is one thing why I like it.


Winter of the Witch is the perfect end to this wonderful trilogy. The frequent visitors of this blog would know that I don’t always read Young Adult books, but this one is so different. It’s cleverly written, doesn’t have so much romance in it, and it has such an interesting story line.  This witch can rescue herself, and doesn’t get a hitch! She doesn’t need a prince to come and end her stress. So I would like to thank Katherine Arden for creating this awesome series, I know most young people read these, so it’s perfect to give them the correct vibes. #ThisGirlCan

I am hosting an International Giveaway on Instagram today for a hardcover of this book, so visit this link to enter!

Also please make sure to visit other stops on this tour. Great bloggers involved in this tour!

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