A new year, a new bookish me

After seeing my buddy Umut’s fabulous new year resolution post here, I am so inspired to write mine. So here’s my bookish goals this year!

1.  Don’t be greedy when requesting books

When it comes to requesting books from Netgalley, or asking proofs from publisher, I found that I was greedy and careless.  Guys, I completely understand being given books to read is a privilege, and not for granted, and I am thankful. However time is the most valuable thing, and you invest your time and concentration to every book, and it’s a trade as well.  I’ve made a calculation too and found out out of all to-be-published books I’ve read this year, I’ve only enjoyed 26% of the books! Yes, I have given 4 or 5 stars to only 26% of the books I have read.

my year in books

Let the chart speak. So the grey area is the books I have honestly DISLIKED.


Too much. So I decided to request if I :

  • really, really like the sound of the blurb
  • read and liked the author before

And not request just because:

  • the book cover is gorgeous
  • and the book is everywhere. (Don’t be naughty Ova.)
  • Everyone is praising

This way I can mostly read the books I will like, and have more positive reviews, and help and support the authors.

2. Always honest reviews. Always. But in a nice way.

I am cool to publish an honest review for a book I have purchased but like most of you, I have been between rock and a hard place when it comes to publishing a review, especially when the publisher directly contacted me. But I find that honesty pays off.  Professional book reviews, online or printed, are not always positive. Never forget that.

giphy (1)

Everyone will raise an eyebrow, or two if you say you love everything you read- it’s not possible! And as long as you are respectful an honest review isn’t always a bad thing. Authors are mature enough to handle that some people won’t like their book. But I find outrageous to tag them in negative reviews. I’ve never do it- and I wouldn’t. I just leave my review on Goodreads mostly. Please don’t tag authors in negative reviews. It’s mean!

3. Plan your monthly reading. Read what you want.

This is something I am estranged to, but I really want to start doing this. I am a mood reader besting at least 7-8 books every month, if not 10 on a good month!! I want to slot 4-5 books every month to read. This way I will leave room to be spontaneous for quick grabs but I will also read the ones I really want to, mostly from my own library.

I have like 20 or more books I said I’ll read last year, which still sadly waits on shelves. I have to show them some love. Having said that…

4. No more review blog tours. 

I also won’t go into anymore Blog tour reviews.  I decided to host Giveaways only if I am offered any.  Blog tours are nice and fun, but I find myself trying to finish the book in a haste – so it creates a stress on me. As I will plan what I read now, it’s a good idea to not to get into tours. When a blog tour pops around, you have to halt your TBR and read the tour book. I am going to kill that TBR this year, people.

Well I must add, I AM ON 5 MORE blog tours, in Jan and Feb, and once that’s done, it’s done.

5. Love and cherish my Book club picks

I have 2 book clubs I regularly go to, and I’ve just been invited to a third one- how can I say No?? Of course I’ll go. But I must confess, I didn’t really read my book club reads this year. I was bad. I’ve been so naughty. This year I pledge to read at least 9 months’ picks. If they’re not too much against my liking. Or I can organise a coup and take control of the picks maybe ? (I hate cringy sad books, and not a fan of romance too)

6. Read more nonfiction.

There I’ve said it. Have you looked at the best selling books chart in the UK?? Most books are, believe or not, nonfiction titles! Crikey!


I am definitely going to read at least 3-4 non fiction this year. I’ll do it. I trust myself, right yeah?



  1. I agree about not reading books you dislike. I’m quite ruthless about not finishing books these days. it does make it harder to not read it if there’s a personal contact, which is why I mostly prefer to get ARCs from Netgalley, rather than direct from the publisher/author. I’d never say I liked a book if I didn’t, though.


    • Yes, totally agree! I think it wouldn’t be fair on people, because books are not cheap. not free for folks. I’d feel guilty..I check goodreads before buying a book mostly, and trust people’s reviews 🙂


    • Once, a person on Twitter said that they cannot leave reviews less than 4 stars, as then other people will leave bad reviews for his books as well. He deleted that tweet a few hours later, but I must say I was horrified.


  2. Yes, yes, yes to all 🙂 I can’t wait to see what you’ll read this year, all the more excited to see some variety of new and old books from everyone. Shopping from my own library is actually quite exciting. Here to a fab reading year Ova! And thanks for the mention. x


  3. I definitely overdid it a tiny bit when I first joined Netgalley a few weeks ago because I assumed no one would actually accept my request. This is going to make for an interesting first few months of the year, but I’ve definitely learned my lesson!


  4. These are great goals! I am with you on the not requesting books anymore just because I see them everywhere. That rarely ends well and I don’t want to read so many books I don’t like all that much.


  5. Great goals & good luck!
    I had mixed feelings about the netgalley books i read last year as well, and often got caught up in they hype for some.
    Quite a few bloggers recently said they will stop doing tours, and i’m also on that opinion. I have one in Jan, but not really interested in doing more, unless it’s for an author whose books i enjoyed in the past 🙂

    Book clubs sound pretty good. I should have a look around and see if i find one in my borough 🙂 Would be a cool thing to do.


  6. I like your goals Ova, I can relate to quite a lot of what you wrote about as well.

    All those ARCs are so tempting – I’ve also requested books I then didn’t enjoy reading that much… then felt guilty about it lol… Life is too short to fill it with books we don’t enjoy. I’m going to be much more selective this year (fingers crossed!).

    Happy reading and good luck with all your goals. 🙂


  7. Ooooh yes, honest reviews are CRUCIAL! And I know it can feel icky to be critical of an author’s work, BUT I’ve definitely been inspired to purchase books based on critical reviews (the reviewer might say “I really hate X in books”, but I really like X in books, so I know it’ll probably be a good one for me even if it wasn’t for them). And I can’t wait to see what non-fiction you pick up! I definitely want to read more true crime in 2019 – I’ve been bingeing true crime podcasts lately, and they keep recommending books to add to my pile.

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