My December TBR…At least some of it!


Happy sunday! I  had a lazy sunday today.. Shuffled my #TBR. What’s your current TBR look like? What are you #currentlyreading ? I have been invaded by the books that’s coming out early next year and I am pretty excited about this TBR! (have BIG expectations)

So.. Let’s go from Left to Right one by one, in my planned reading order.

8df1b5ec-7e55-4108-86ac-545c5587f381Currently reading Jess kidd’s Things In Jars and all I can say is it’s a book that lives. It has a soul. It walks and speaks and haunts me!!! So good! I don’t think I will be able to get onto others without finishing it first! It’s the story about Bridie Devine, a female detective in Victorian London, of charismatic sort, can see dead people and stuff! She’s approached by  a client one day to find a child that no one knew that existed.. The air of mystery surrounding this little girl is too engrossing to stop reading and the world from Jess Kidd’s imagination is too magical to leave.. I am LOVING it. Available on Netgalley.

A Curse so Dark and Lonely is a retelling of Beauty and The Beast and I’ve dipped my toes in it when I received it and it’s so promising. I wish I had more time to read to pick it up quicker! You can check #breakthecurse hashtag on social media to find more about this gorgeous YA book.

Enchantee  has been sent by Panmacmillan and it is an historical young adult novel set in France, a girl’s quest in Versailles using magic. Sounds Exciting! Available on Netgalley.

The Binding by Bridget Collins is a young man’s story, as a book binder’s apprentice. I have read some 20 pages and it is definitely atmospheric and cannot wait to go back to it.  I have been hearing pretty good things about this and the finished copy looks *drool* amazing.

Lastly, the gritty cracking South Korean noir The Plotters! It’s the best sort of page turner, from the sound of the blurb, with the originality of East Asia and filled with dark humour. I love reading Japanese/Korean lit and I challenge myself to pick at least 2-3 East Asia books every year!This is also available on Netgalley.

So..tell me what you are reading 🙂 and if you like the look of these books!


  1. Ooooh you’re in for a really interesting December!! What a mix!! I’m finishing The Grapes of Wrath at the moment, and enjoying it way more than I thought I would. Not sure what I’ll pick up next… I’m terrible at planning out my TBR pile, I just make a gut call when I stand in front of the stack!! Hahaha.


  2. I saw the binding yesterday. It sounded pretty good with all the secrets and magic hidden in books, but then the last bit said something about epic love story so i was like “well, ok, i’m out” 😀
    I hope it’s good tho!


  3. Ooh, I do hope you enjoy The Plotters as much as I did Ova! Probably not one for those who are squeamish, but I just loved its absurdist dark humour and kaleidoscopic contradictions. The quality of the translation is first class too.

    What you’ve mentioned about Things in Jars has caught my interest… off to investigate further, thanks!

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