One crossed wire, three victims, six bottles of bleach: Good Samaritans by Will Carver @will_carver @OrendaBooks @annecater


Today it’s my stop on Will Carver’s Good Samaritans blog tour and I am pretty excited to talk about this fabulously dark and disturbing thriller!

It was such a fast paced and eventful read and I can’t help imagining it on the screen. It could be beautifully made into a movie or TV series. I am sure you’ll find yourself casting your set of actors and actresses during reading this book!


Seth’s homemade phone books are thick with a rainbow of fluorescent rejections. Lines and lines from weeks and years of this idea, this hope that maybe somebody will talk back. Somebody might listen.

Seth is a disturbingly lonely soul, despite living with his wife Maeve in an apparently dysfunctional marriage, he seeks solace in strangers by ringing them in the middle of the night. Maeve moves in the house like the ghost of their dead marriage, while Seth stubbornly drinks black coffee and hangs on to the phone.

Hadley is a mess. She’s like a petri dish of negative emotions. Suicidal and depressed, she needs someone to listen and actually care about her.

One night a crossed wire crosses their paths and Seth and Hadley start chatting every night…

Alongside this crooked relationship, a serial killer is on the loose, bleaching bodies and leaving them lying around in Warwickshire. Detective Sergeant Pace is losing patience.

 It really wouldn’t be that long until Detective Sergeant Pace would discover that the woman who had been reported as missing was dead. And that she is the second person to be found like this, miles from home . Alone and dead. Detective Sergeant Pace is a shadow. Detective Sergeant Pace is paranoia. Detective Sergeant Pace is losing.

I loved the tense, unnerving narration and unreliable characters. This is one of the books where the reader knows something is very wrong, or will go terribly wrong and cannot stop reading to find out how! There are some graphical scenes but they don’t come across as vulgar but give the story edges and make the tones sharper.

If you like fast paced thrillers set as cat and mouse games amongst characters, then don’t miss Good Samaritans!



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