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Today it’s my turn on The Lingering blog tour. Thanks so much for visiting!

Lingering has one of the best covers I have ever seen in a gothic novel. I loved the cover and there was no way I could skip reading it! I am glad I read it, it was a slow burning read but perfect for October. This is one of the books I’ve read during Spooktober challenge.


We follow Jack and Ali, a couple that flashes red signals from the minute they’re introduced. It’s very obvious there is something wrong with Jack and Ali. They seem to be escaping from the busy city life to a retreat in the Fens… But the place they’re escaping to is also very weird! Rosalind house is an ex-asylum and nowadays a commune is living there. These group of people have a lot of rules, dressed up as ‘advices’: like no internet, no phones, and seem to have weird routines of endless gatherings. Rosalind House is no a place for normal people!

This place is for people who don’t feel like they belong in ‘normal’ society. Why would you be here if you’re normal, if you’re happy, if you have a good, stable life? You would be out there in the real world with your family and your job and your nice house and your friends. You wouldn’t be here in this draughty old mansion with this mishmash of people from all walks of life who have decided that the real world doesn’t work for them anymore.

The mystery couple meet with a girl called “Fairy Angela” in Rosalind house.  Angela definitely picks up an interest with the mystery couple like a trouble radar. She tries to be friends with Ali.

Ali senses a swirl of energy from this odd young woman and she can’t help but smile. Her earlier negative thoughts slide away as she realises that she likes the look of Angela . She can imagine what it might have been like for Angela at school. How she might have been treated. A girl like her often struggles. Pretty, but fragile. Naïve; too trusting. Too nice.

Angela is also in Rosalind house for different reasons… They all have their hidden agendas! As their stories and intentions move along to reveal what’s really going on, we also read about Rosalind House’s past through a doctor’s notes. As you can guess, the asylum wasn’t a cheery place and a lot have happened. I really loved the doctor’s sections in the past. I was turning pages to see what’s happened next.

The Lingering was a good read, if you like a gothic story with disturbing and unreliable characters don’t miss it.  I am not going to say more for the sake of not spoiling it for you.  Perfect for dark and cold winter nights…

Thanks to Orenda Books and Anne Cater for my copy.

Happy reading x


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