Remember it’s a sin To Kill a Mockingbird

Shoot all the bluejays you want,if you can hit ‘em, but remember it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird

Who could forget this lines, if they’ve read the book?


To Kill a Mockingbird is undeniably a timeless classic. I loved it and although it made me cry a lot, it’s on my top ten books list!

I am so happy that Penguin is publishing a graphic novel of To Kill a Mockingbird. If you’re just like me, unable to re-read a book you’ve already read then of course another format is a brilliant chance to re-read and get another feeling.


Fred Fordham illustrated To Kill a Mockingbird with a style that complements the book and the story.


I felt as if I’ve known Scout will be like this… Really loved the way Scout is designed in this book.


Did I ever tell you one of the names we considered for my son was “Atticus”. There now I said it…

Either for a fabulous re-read, or a first time meeting for a younger person, this graphic novel is a beautiful addition to every book lover’s library.  I feel extremely lucky to have this before publishing date and Thanks to Penguin for this finished copy.


To Kill a Mockingbird, a graphic novel is out on 30th October and you can preorder your copy from here.


    • Thanks Ayunda, completely agree! There are some people not in love with fictional books so this is the perfect alternative and I think it might do a very nice xmas present

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    • I have read the book more than 10 years ago but I think yes, as far as I remember it has all the important moments! Also really liked the style of illustration. Kind of old school and complements the story

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  1. Oh, how beautiful!! Hopefully, this will re-ignite the spark and draw a new generation of readers to Lee’s work (and maybe encourage a few older readers to revisit it). I recently read it for the very first time, and I *loooooved* it, I can see why it’s so universally lauded. ❤️


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