6 reasons why reading is so similar to dating! #BookBloggerLife

Guys, this might sound silly, but hey listen, I was thinking the other day, isn’t reading SO MUCH LIKE DATING.

You want proof?

Here we go.

1- You need to go out often to check what’s out there.


Might be reading or dating! You have to know what’s out there.. For me this is frequent visits to bookshops. libraries. charity shops. I always carry a canvas reusable bag in my bag.. You’ll never know where your next crush *ehem* will find you! you’ll never know when the *perfect book* will appear!


2- You’re having a date each time you read a book.


Ah, the moment you’re alone with that NEW book, oh that excitement, OK I must admit I won’t necessarily be in my most APPEALING self – if I ever have one- but more like a coach potato in comfy clothing, but I guarantee that butterflies in my stomach and the desire to be carried away is there!!!

My insides scream to the book for it to take my breath away *huh!*


3- If it goes wrong there will be remorse.






When I am displeased with a book it’s so much same as being displeased in a relationship. I wish I never read it. I wish I never spent any time with it. I want to forget it, bury it deep in my back garden and live like nothing have happened. (OK. I agree that’s extreme but… We all have that book that stole a few hours from hour lives yeah?)

4- You need to speak with your friends about it.



Please tell me this is NOT only me. When I read a book I LOVE I have to go and speak with someone! I need to tell them how good it is and how happy it makes me πŸ™‚ Obviously I wouldn’t recommend my boyfriend if I am in a relationship but HAPPY to recommend the book -always. (hope that makes is less weird.)

5- If it’s good,You don’t want it to end.



WhenΒ  you’re in love with a book, you don’t want it to finish, you stroke every page, make the most of every word, you read slowly, carefully, almost as if drinking it.

You and I are PERFECT, you say to the book, we are destined to be together, I want to read you forever! Sadly, like every good thing,Β  every good book has an end. We still love them though, put them in our library (or shall I say shrine?) in the best place possible. And obviously they will always be in our hearts and minds.


6- When you struggle to understand what’s going on, it breaks your confidence


We all had that crush/relationship where we didn’t understand the other, well let’s call it : participant. The feeling of not-knowing-what-to-do is pretty much the same with when I pick up a book where everyone else seem to get along with but I can’t understand the hype. Am I doing anything wrong? Why is it going so wrong? Is it me book??? Or is it you??? Crash- boom- bang! Not a good experience at all.


Did you have a reading experience where you can compare it to a relationship you had?Β 


  1. Pretty spot on! Love this ❀

    I'm currently doing my daily checks in the kindle store… don't wanna miss out on something juicy πŸ˜€
    I usually talk to my friends about my books, they of course never read them / heard of them, but most of them have the decency to actually pay attention and look interested πŸ˜€

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    • Haha Shalini, I am married with my first ever boyfriend from high school so I can’t say I am a dating guru but i have listened so many friends and have a vast ability to emphasize πŸ˜‚

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      • Hahaha I just got ghosted a couple of months back… Sighhh
        Thanks. I hope henceforth it is jerk-free. Hehehe I think the good ones are married or are gay!!! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


      • Lol! You might be right but I am sure there’s your soulmate somewhere waiting to meet you!
        I have had lots of crushes/flirts before my partner and everytime I had a broken heart i thought OK this is it. I won’t try anymore πŸ¦„

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  2. Hahaha I love your post! Yes it’s very similar as you can fall in love with a book boyfriend. And I do tend to shout my love for a book πŸ˜‰

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  3. what a wonderful post! I always feel like I’ve made a bunch of new friends everytime I finish a book. I like to pretend that the characters would want to be friends with me too, even if we have nothing in common.

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