When Old Friends Aren’t Good Friends Anymore: Perfect Liars

No risks could be taken. If someone, most likely nosy Lila, ended up in her en- suite and saw one it would be too much to bear. It was lucky that Charlie had been at work. He found the way she behaved around Nancy and Lila odd enough already. He couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t just tell them about the IVF. ‘They’re your friends,’ he’d said. ‘They want to support you.’ He had no idea how wrong he was.

imageMost of us have those friends from our teenage years. We confided in them, shared secrets, kept their secrets. Did mischief together. Then we either have fallen apart, or preserved the friendship bond and became life-long friends. Sadly, I’ve fallen apart with my school and university friends, so keeping those good circle of friends always looks cool to me!

No one probably knows and understands you better than your childhood friends… For Nancy, Lila and Georgia this is also the case. But if you look closer, you realise maybe it’s not their love of each other that bonds them, but secrets from the past!

Perfect Liars was a slow paced but well written mystery/thriller, between three woman, set in one night but coming back and forth between the past and present in the same time.

The story opens with a funeral, it’s very clear one of the characters died but we wouldn’t know who, and why until the end.

Beautiful Georgia comes from a working class background but made her way to a higher-class life. She has a rich husband, Charlie, and a multi million house. Nancy and Lila were always rich girls, Nancy is like a natural leader  of the group. Never married, and has a toy-boy, Brett, they live in Boston. Lila is married with Ro and have a son. She is fragile and it’s clear her marriage have problems. When Nancy gets a phone call from Georgia, asking her to come back to London, she will. She is the one who sorts things out for the trio. They met at Georgia’s for a dinner party but as I mentioned before, this night doesn’t end well. Really enjoyed going back to their boarding school years and discovering more about these three people.

I liked this book, the characters seemed pretty much flesh and bone. Incredibly good as a debut. It is a sad book, but I always love psychological books, so highly recommended if you love this sort of character heavy mysteries.

4 stars.


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  1. Oh this sounds awesome ❤
    I'm only still friends with 1 person from school, and i wanna say our friendship is real. But i remember all those other girls from back then whose behaviour was literally like something out of a thriller 😀

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    • hehehe yes!! exactly- I think we all did things with this friends, that we want to forget!
      I have a few on facebook though we don’t really see each other, mainly because I am in another country now 😀

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  2. The story opens with a funeral, it’s very clear one of the characters died but we wouldn’t know who, and why until the end <– wow takes a lot of skill for the author to be able to do that! This sounds like the kinda book I wanna read – 'character heavy mysteries'!

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