Wiggly Bookworms Breakfast Book Club

From my age of 26 I always had a book club I regularly attend, if you don’t count the short gaps whilst I moved between countries and cities. In the UK I have had 2 book clubs, both English speaking, and enjoyed them, still enjoying one!

But what I craved was my mother tongue, to discuss the books in Turkish as I can never express myself in English as well as I do in Turkish (sad times)

So Umut and I decided to set up a Turkish book club πŸ™‚ We invited a few book loving friends and there you go.. We’re all coming from different places. London, Brighton, Kent, Cambridge. So Central London was ideal for everyone. The long journey from Cambridge worth it. Our Wiggly Bookworms Breakfast Bookclub was such a success!

Eggs Royale and Little Fires Everywhere. I feel like a Shaker Heights resident- phew!

First pick of the WBBBC book club was Little Fires Everywhere. We picked this book as it has a lot of controversy in it, lots to discuss. And god, we did discuss! I was the only person in the table to vote for the adoptive mother, everyone else thought baby should be given to the birth mother πŸ˜€

Spot the book πŸ™‚ I am the one with yellow arms btw!

We scored the book an average of 4.3 : looks like everyone loved it!

Our next meet is 4th of november and we are reading some super special books. I literally can’t wait…So happy to have a Turkish speaking book club ❀

Now this makes 2 book clubs for me. I also have another one I am going, in Cambridge, which is consisting of Italian, Portuguese and South African friends, so lucky to be part of this diverse community in Cambridge. And obviously to be go goer of 2 book clubs!


  1. Aww, this is awesome!
    Bookish friends aaand brekkie sounds lovely!

    I kind of have the opposite problem. When i try to explain my books (or basically anything) to my Hungarian friend in Hungarian, i just can’t do it without sounding slightly crazed. I think maybe cuz i read the book in english? No idea, but it always results in some weird conversation. Haha πŸ˜€

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  2. Book clubs are the best! We read this book as well for mine and I also am for the adoptive mother in that case! My brothers are adopted and are not the same race as me so that book really hit me where I live!
    Also I am really glad you found a group that can speak your mother tongue, I only speak English I would imagine it would be hard to express myself in any other language! Nice post!

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    • Aww, that’s so nice. I can’t imagine what emotions you’ve felt when you read Little Fires! It must be an unforgettable read for you..Thank you ❀


  3. That’s so wonderful you have this club to discuss books with and this one is such a great one. It was one of the first larger group reads we did and it was such a great discussion. I bet it would of been even more if we could of meet in person since there was so much to discuss. I hope your next read is just as wonderful as this one!


  4. This is AWESOME!!! I’m so glad you’ve built a little club/community for yourself ❀ and that picture of those eggs is making me HUNGRY, they look SO GOOD! Enjoy! x

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