Age UK Milton Keynes Charity book haul! #alwaysbuymorebooks

I visited Age UK’s Milton Keynes bookshop in Wolverton yesterday. It has been on my radar for a while. I don’t work on Mondays and I went there a monday to find it closed, and since then I have been dreaming of ravaging through it’s bookshelves.

As you can see the bookshop is very neat and organised. And it offers a LOT!

Hardbacks/paperbacks were 3 for £2 yesterday, as there seems to be a manager’s discount at the moment. There are also some rare books which will catch your eye.

This is one of the best charity bookshops I have ever visited as everything was cleanly and neatly displayed and it looked the volunteers put a lot of effort into maintaining this large selection of books. Well done them!


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I spent a lot of money!!! Not sure how it happened 🙂 Here are some of my fantastic finds:

How can one resist this beauty?
I bought this for a friend. I wasn’t sure this is something she wanted but hey, if she doesn’t want it, I’ll have it! Easy 🙂


If you are around the area, please pop in and I am sure you’ll find something to please your reading appetite!

Happy sunday x

P.S I think Charity shop is a concept not well known to some countries, as I have some international traffic I find the need to explain. In the UK there are second hand shops which are managed and run by charity organisations, people donate goods to them and they sell it to very affordable prices. Fab way to shop for books!



  1. This is so cool! Love it!
    Most charities have maybe 1 shelf for books… i have a similar one to this in my area that only does books but their prices are set pretty much at 1.99 as the cheapest option. Which is still pretty cheap, i must say 😀

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  2. What a haul!! I *love* charity shops (we have them in Australia too, never fear ;)) – I’ve picked up so many incredible bargain books, ones I’d been searching for for ages and unable to find, for just a couple of dollars. Happy shopping/reading!!

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    • Thanks Sheree! I have never been to Australia so nice to know you have them there too! We’re lucky, they’re amazing bargains just as you say! Always love going to charity shops thanks to books!


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