Can’t remember your face, but I remember your penis

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imagesLaura is working in an advertising agency. She is face blind, a medical condition where one cannot remember/recognise the faces. She keeps her head down about it, so only her boss Rebecca knows about her condition.

One night, at work’s Christmas party, Laura flirts with a man from work, as the moment she turns her gaze away she forgets his face, she memorises he’s wearing a PINK shirt. There are a few other men who lurks after Laura in the party but she picks Pink shirt and get along but she wakes up in the morning in her flat and…

The man that lies next to hear in the bed seems to have a BLUE shirt. Laura is confused and angry.( I think she must be partly angry that she didn’t get a picture of the man in the party, although she had a smart phone.)

Laura- exactly when she finds the shirt is blue.

That was the first of my many eye rolls reading this book,  I start to think reading thrillers is bad for my eye sight. Laura, why you don’t take a picture, if you struggle to remember the face?

Anyway, from this point onward you will SEE SPOILERS, so alas, beware and stay away from the rest of the article…

While Laura is confused, and can’t be bothered take a photo of him- the man escapes. Laura is certain the man used her condition to get her to bed, and understandably, she is furious. She clings into bits of information she knows about the man, the most important being his PENIS: circumcised. Then we took of the journey of finding her rapist with Laura.

At this moment I started to think about the book’s name. WHEN I FIND YOU. When I find you, what? Will cut your penis? Will give you to the police? Will put you through paper shredder and feed the remains to the pigs? What are you going to do Laura?!

Obviously, we cannot expect Laura to go to work and say: hey! penises out, need to do a SECURITY check. So it’s kind of a game of ‘whodunnit’. Curtis makes us suspect each and every one of the male characters. The novel is told between Laura’s boss Rebecca and Laura’s point of views.

I will give credit to the author, it’s an original plot in the age of cliches, I HAVE NEVER READ A BOOK WHERE A FACE BLIND WOMAN IS AFTER A MAN using the information of his circumcised penis. But original didn’t prevent it being a bit ridiculous. At one point in the story, when Laura asked a man: “Are you circumcised! Tell me! Are you??” I couldn’t stop face palming and honestly, rape is a subject that has to be taken with a LOT of seriousness. I would have loved if it was blended into the story, rather than pointed out here and there (and during the search of the guilty dick).


2.5 stars


Thanks to NetGalley and publisher for a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review



  1. Unlikely that I’ll be adding this one to my list. It sounds too contrived that the woman has face blindness, as if the author is exploiting her. And a bit gross that she has to go round asking men about whether they have a foreskin or not.

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  2. Ok, so let’s summarize: shirt conspiracy. A woman on a mission to find a dick.
    Loved the review though. Have a feeling it’s way more entertaining than the book. Although, every now and then i just read a book for the eye rolls 😀

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  3. Love your funny and honest review. While I’m not going to add it to my “To Reading” List, I will definitely be back for more reviews! Love!


  4. OK, the title of this post literally made me snort with laughter. HA! My father had a slightly more PG version that he used to say when I was a kid (“I can remember your face, but I can’t quite pick your nose” – it’s a total Dad joke, but it still made me giggle). I must say, I’m with you, this seems like a kind of light-hearted/tacky take on some very serious issues around consent, and I’m wondering how people who experience face blindness would feel about being represented that way… but I’m glad you read it, because it gave the world this blog post title, and that is absolute gold ❤️


  5. This made me laugh from start to end, I guess being original isn’t a bad thing but this book sounds ridiculous, is it so bad its good? Or just cringe bad? Sounds like the serious issue of rape is kind of represented bit tongue in cheek and lightheartedly🤔 x


    1. Let me be fair- it’s not Cringe bad. But I just found that bit a bit ridiculous. I think my English language skills fail me sometimes 🙂 She didn’t write it light hearted but it’s a bit tacky, so makes you roll your eyes, and I think if you’re talking about rape that shouldn’t happen, should it?


      1. No the way you describe it I don’t think it should really be written like that, haha I’m half tempted to read this book for how ridiculous it sounds! I don’t think your English language skills are bad at all! Xxx


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