6 types of readers we all know! #BookBloggerLife

The Dukes of  Literary-shire : “I only read serious books” types

61c61837bd431935f63af7ee8baca086 There was a guy in one of my old workplaces. One day at lunch we were discussing what we have read and he turned to me and said those exact words: I ONLY READ SERIOUS BOOKS.

That made me think. I’ve heard this many times in Turkish: one very close friend of mine was thinking I was reading a load of crap books. These aristocratic tendencies in book liking makes my toes wiggle with unease. I don’t accept the definition of ‘serious book’.

These type of readers have a bit of royalty. They despise some type of books and kind of pity whomever read these…

5174687-8093686233-not_gGuys, no writer sits down to write ‘unseriously’.  Every books is serious matter within it’s own genre. Dukes don’t see Sci-Fi, Epic Fantasy, Graphic Novels or Crime as ‘serious’ fiction. I disagree. I revolt!

So those genres might be not good enough for these readers but I love reading different genres.  I was actually very happy to see Booker Prize list holding a thriller and a graphic novel this year so maybe the Dukes can give it a bit ease!

The 5-star shooters

Some of my real life friends are 5-star shooters. They constantly express their disapproval of me 1-starring some very popular books!


Every book they read, They LOVE. Every book is a favourite!

A 5 star shooter could easily be recognised from their GoodReads rating. They’ll be like : avg rating : 4.8


It’s very easy for shooters to like a book and they can easily become a fan. I wish we could all enjoy like they did, in every book. Literally!

The Constant Re-readers

These type of readers are constantly reading a book they’ve read in the past.


They LOVE re-reading. I can not relate to this but I deeply respect them!


They love repeating the past, but as the saying goes : You can never bath twice in the same river, you’re a different human, the river is a different river. The book is the same book I guess but we humans change so maybe they’re up to something!

A celebrity re-reader is Susan Hill, as in one of her talks she said she loved reading The Pursuit of Love in different times throughout her life.

I don’t re-read guys, there are SO many books to read yet. They keep coming!

The Selfish Hoarders with hundreds of unread books

Well…I confess. I am in this category!


I can’t share my books. Can’t lend anything in my library.


Sometimes people come to my house and ask: What do you do with these many books??

I suppress the urge to say: Oh, I use their pages to wrap sandwiches. I simply don’t invite them back. But honestly- I can’t stop buying books!!!! I know I will read them one day. And I do.. It’s just you need to feel like it’s the right time to read a book, and until then it needs to wait for you. And no, I don’t share my books. Never!


I used to be a normal human being. One day I started collecting signed books and things turned nasty. I am addicted to hoarding books…Well it could have been worse!


The Genre Clingers

You will recognise these types.

I only read Genre X! X mostly can be Romance, Sci-fi, YA, Non-Fiction or Crime…

tenor (2).gif

This is an addiction – but a pretty good one! These people are generally the experts in their genre and the go-to person for a good book recommendation in that genre.


Don’t we all love them? (Although when we recommend them a really really nice book outside their genre, they might get funny :p )

The Speedy Gonzales

The name says it all…


How do some people read, like 20 books a week? Sometimes I see some people’s annual reading challenges and they say they read more books than the days in a year!

giphy (2).gif

What’s your secret guys? How do you do it? Do you read when you sleep- or no sleep at all? OR do you get paid for reading books?


TELL US!!! We all want to know the secret to reading like, 400 books a year!


Are you any of these types? Do you know anyone like these :))

Hope you enjoyed reading! Happy Mondays! X


  1. Hello, my name is Nicole and I am a selfish hoarder…. What? This isn’t a book lovers anonymous meeting?? AM I IN THE WRONG PLACE, AGAIN?! 😂😂 I have a problem, though. My man bought me a bookshelf (and I’m talking a BOOKSHELF! about 9 ft tall with at least 8 shelves…) he told me that I could only have unread books to the point that they fit in this shelf. UNREAD BOOKS. So, as I read a book I put it in one of my boxes of books in the basement…. Well, I have been hiding books.. Hiding them on other shelves throughout the house, I also have a box of unread books hidden at the bottom of my closet…. This is normal, right?? 😂😂😂😍📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚

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  2. I am the selfish horder! No question. I have so many books on my many TBR piles. But, that doesn’t stop me from buying more. It’s a problem, but like you said, I can think of worse “problems” to have.

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  3. oh, hahaha, you really nailed it with this post! I know all of those readers and as for myself.. well.. I can probably, at one stage or another, fit into each of these categories 😀
    Love this post!

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  4. I used to be both a selfish hoarder and a constant re-reader. Since starting blogging though, I have been able to branch out and rarely re-read anymore. It is always a joy when I do find time to though. 🙂

    Nowadays I am probably just a genre clinger for fantasy. I try so hard to branch out but end up right back home lol

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    • Dani, good for you if you’re enjoying reading that genre. I have been a genre clinger myself, in past! I now read all sorts of fiction 😀


    • Haha We all love books, that’s for sure. I think the only serious books comment annoys me a bit, but hey, everyone is different in the end. Hallelujah for books!

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  5. lolols this is such an awesome post! I totally relate to all of these, particularly that last one; I just don’t get how people can read so many books without keeling over dead. 😂 As for me, I’m in the category of constant re-readers! Re-reading helps me appreciate things that I missed the first time I read a book, and it helps peel back the onion layers. 😉

    Awesome post Ova! 😀

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  6. I loved the post, and I love your blog :D. I don’t know what category I’d be, I’ll have to think about it. A grumpy one, maybe. A book has to be very good, at least in some aspects, otherwise I’ll rant about it. I was thinking if those “serious book readers” are readers who can’t really feel books? They have to rely on what society chose as serious or on what time made into “classic” because they can’t trust their own judgement. There are many unknown authors now with seemingly easy books that will turn to classic with time. Maybe then those serious readers will read them. Do you take some special care of your books? I mean in terms of storing, cleaning? I’ve moved a lot so I never really had a real library, with paper books. I always carry with me one book though. It’s The Blind Assassin my Margaret Atwood from before the times when everybody knew who Margaret Atwood was. 🙂 It would be nice to have a real big library one day.


  7. Speedy gonzales… But unfortunately I don’t know how. I actually envy people who read slower because then they have more time to enjoy a book. I’m also a re-reader.
    And I really like these classifications!


  8. I am a selfish hoarder, and I am not ashamed!! 😂 I can’t bring myself to lend out books either. I am also a reformed re-reader; I was the worst for it before I created my TBR list and started blogging about books, but now I can proudly say I haven’t done a single re-read in well over a year 💪🏽😍

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      • I totally agree. I’ve met a couple that say “Oh, no, I pass all my books on to good homes” or “Oh I get all of mine from the library” and I’m always looking at them thinking “STOP LYING TO ME!”


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