My Vicious Rant on “Vicious” by Victoria Schwab

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This review contains some spoilers.

I will use the amazing Emma Thompson to declare how much I disliked The Vicious by Victoria Schwab.

This was a buddy read with my fabulous friend Umut. We have been meaning to read Schwab for a while. Umut is feeling equally dissatisfied with this book as I did! Here is her review.

I must say Schwab has been a milestone for me as I’m now sealing the deal with reading YA Fantasy books. I don’t think I enjoy them.

giphy (3)

Let’s look at the meaning of Vicious from the dictionary:

deliberately cruel or violent.

The story is based on the rivalry/hostility between once friends Victor and Eli.

They are both clever, book smart people with good lives but they still love to feel miserable and do stupid things that will make their own life miserable- and other lives too. But why?? Why are they deliberately cruel and violent?


There is no explanation, no basis. They are just silly characters made to look cool.

They are dark and dangerous because it was cool! Oh my god. one of the characters were accidentally killed and the emotional reactions of Eli and Victor is equal to a piece of wooden block’s reaction.


Jeez, they’re not Vicious, they are just grim and crap.

Anyways, back to da  ‘plot’. One day they start killing themselves to be revived back. They deliberately die and come back.  Hmm… I think I had seen a movie with this idea once…

giphy (5)

it does!!!! FLATLINERS!

Oh wow.


So the idea in Flatliners, taken and interpreted absolutely in the same way and mixed with….



Yes,  Emma Thompson’s above face sums up my feelings after seeing where the plot was heading.

Hearing so many praises, seeing so many 5 stars reviews on this book, I wasn’t ready for the for the disappointment.


There is absolutely no world-building, no atmosphere, just these 2 silly boys, fighting for some made up crap. There is nothing original, no soul. The writing and the story didn’t move anything in me and I DNF’d at page 200.


I was scared to get into a reading slump but was immeadiately relieved after throwing this book into the DNF pile.

giphy (2)

Thanks for reading, feeling sorry for this crappy review, but I had fun finding Emma Thompson gif’s!

To sum why I would say “avoid this book at all costs”,

  • No originality in plot- it’s a mixture of Flatliners and X-men
  • No characterisation
  • Lack of atmosphere
  • Doesn’t even flow or grip.
  • Branded as an adult novel but it isn’t- no one in their right mind will call this a novel for adults, just because it has rough themes.

A sad 1 stars







  1. Damn, that’s a lot of Emma Thompson! (Love it tho) 😀
    I really thought i’m going to read this book for my reading challenge (a book about a villain) but now i think it won’t happen… i love villains, but they need to make sense. Or be like complete psychopaths (which is sad, but makes sense). No explanation bad guys are just meh.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is a bit forced really on this one. They didn’t materialise for me. Maybe try a sample? The start wasn’t bad but I had tummy aches after 100 pages. Quit at 200 😫

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve also had to break up with YA Fantasy. There is some YA I can do but for some reason YA SFF in particular just bugs me almost every single time. Love all the gifs!


  3. *sobs* I was going to read this pretty soon, so I’m sad to hear you didn’t love this one! People have been recommending it to me for ages, so I had such high expectations for it….😭 Great review though! I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed your GIFs; Emma Thompson is awesome. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Cool review 🙂 I quite liked the book… then again, I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Flatliners 😀 sorry this one didn’t work out for you…
    ps! great to ‘meet’ you! 🙂


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