We all know Why Mummy Swears: She has every right to do so!


Gill Sims does it again. Almost every British mum can relate to Why Mummy Drinks. Now in second book mummy has a job. And of course she is also crossing roads with the school mafia, PTA.

Starting from school holidays in July to other July, mummy’s diary tells us the parallel worlds that a mum has to live in. The world of kiddies and their social life, the one where you share intimate peaks of bursting anger with your other half, the professional one where you have to pretend you don’t have any other lives, and the one that you have to be polite but struggle; your family and relatives.

The diary is HILARIOUS. I think December was my favourite but also the interview section left me in tears.(i didn’t draw it!!?)

And of course I need to mention the reference to ‘that’s not my xyz’ books in the beginning of the story, Ellen catching a glance of her bum and having a: that’s not my ass, it’s not that big moment. Just pure laughter.

The honesty and truth of these stories makes it amazing. Some people say it’s target audience is mums but I disagree. Get this book now to understand a mum’s world, from school pick ups to play dates, national trust days out to family holidays, and you will catch a glance of your own mum, that friend of yours or your neighbor maybe, who knows!

4 stars.


Happy reading and thanks for the publisher for sending me a proof of this enjoyable book.


  1. Haha I think everyone looks at their own bum and feels disappointed at one point or another. 😂 And I agree! Being a mother is such a challenge, so I think reading this would be very insightful. Excellent review!

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