Why Did I stop reading: The Favo”u”rite Sister by Jessica Knoll

9781509844722the favourite sister_4

Favorite sister is the second book I’ve read from Jessica Knoll. Unfortunately I didn’t finish this book.

My first read from Knoll, The Luckiest Girl Alive was dealing with tough issues, afterwards explained by Knoll herself that they’re from her own experience, sadly. I am really sorry for what happened to Knoll… But I didn’t like the book. I especially wasn’t happy that the book was marketed being compared to Gone Girl. This comparison, which was the decision for my purchase, wasn’t necessarily true. The book was nothing like Gone Girl. Not the writing style, not the plot, not the structure.  So another marketing campaign tried to allure us with READ IT, IT’S SO GONE GIRL and I sadly bought it.

Long story short- when I saw her second book on NetGalley wanted to give it another go. This time no mention of any other book or writer on the cover, looks good!

So I requested this from NetGalley. Started reading, but then…


Dear, oh dear. Shall I tut tut? Feminist messages scattered everywhere in this book, however the characters are so unlikable, as if they’re presented to us saying; Oh here you go, judge this lot of women! Whilst reading, I felt like I was pushed to judge this women and the way they were. Somewhere along the book someone was saying (or thinking) that being a feminist, doesn’t mean that you should like all women. Yes, that’s true. But looks like in this story there loads of nasty and self absorbed women, competing, planning, not men, only women.

So then my decision to stop reading solidified. Obviously I can say that the story wasn’t flowing, although it started intriguing, with a character’s death, but after 20% I couldn’t care less about who killed Brett and the feminist confusion in the tone of the book was just too much to go on…

Another day, another unfinished book.

Have you read this one? If so, what do you think?

Happy reading! xx



  1. I have her first novel but I have yet to read it.. good to know the second one is filled with nasty women. I know how nasty women can be so I’m not sure but I’ll let it depend on how much I liked her first novel.. Thanks for the review and better luck with your next read!

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  2. I’ve not read any Jessica Knoll so can’t comment on those books, but I would say that I loathe books being marketed as just like a previous book. If I have read Gone Girl, for example, why on earth would I effectively want to read it again?!

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