Why I didn’t like it : Cross Her Heart by Sarah Pinborough

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Sometimes you trust an author and just pick up her books without thinking, I wouldn’t be doing this for Sarah Pinborough from now on… Here is why Cross Her Heart let me down in 5 bullet points!

This review contains spoilers.


  • So the book follows Lisa- who apparently had secrets of her past- starts finding disturbing reminders of her past around her. Her teenage daughter Ava is growing distant. There is also Lisa’s best friend Marilyn with her own problems. So what’s up with Lisa, and is someone really trying to upset her? We find out. (Starting a rant now) The beginning was very cliché. The new woman in the office being a back-stabbing bitch? Come on…
  •  Heart wrenching details of child abuse, child murder, prostitution. The book blurb doesn’t really tell you what’s coming so I wasn’t prepared. Let me tell you one thing: If I wanted to read a gory, horrible story of abuse I’d pick a tabloid. Not a novel. There is toddler abuse, child abuse, child murder, grooming, forced prostitution, forced drug use- there is so much. Just too much! I am really, really surprised that this book is getting many 4 and 5 stars on GoodReads. Do you really enjoy reading this?


  • Almost every character in book gets abused psychologically or physically.  As if it’s a parade of female and child victims. Melodrama malfunction.


  • Unreal, soggy characters. Lisa. Oh Lisa. She has been traumatised yet she CAN make a normal living. She is a super human, a strong an independent woman one minute and offering blow-jobs for transport in truck stops the next minute. How could one stay insane, after such a vile childhood, and not suffer a breakdown to go back to old “ways”!?


  • The whodunnit calamity. Is it the ex-from the past? Is it the bitch at the work? Is it the fresh flirt? Is it the best friend? Oh no, you won’t see WHO coming. Well… I am not sure how I can have a rant without revealing anything but the end looks like a size 16 dress on a size 8 model. That’s all I am saying!

In past, I read & liked Behind Her Eyes and 13 Minutes from Pinborough. I am very surprised to find this book disappointing. She had a good tone of writing and always had attractive and engaging plots on those two books.  I will probably wait and see what other reviewers think about her next book before jumping on it.

Rant ended. Thanks for reading.




  1. There needs to be a trigger warning section on the blurbs. I’m with you definitely, I don’t want to read these sorf of thingsand it’s our right to be informed. Thanks for the rant and warning.


  2. I don’t mind reading books about abuse if they explore perpetrators’ motives / damaged personalities etc… Based on your points, it doesn’t sound like that’s what’s happening in this book and I would probably be quite disgusted by it. I dislike reading about violence for the sake of shocking an audience… not my thing at all as well.

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      1. Hmmmm… I read too many ‘dark’ books recently but it’s good to know. I’ll keep that in mind, thanks. 🙂 In the end, I’m pretty good at DNF-ing.. 🙂


    1. Very well said.. And this book wasn’t just a mention of it or anything like that. It was quite upsetting. I felt the same with Fiona Barton. She is so praised but both books are about child abuse and murder! Maybe we’re missing something but everytime I unknowingly pick a book like this I feel angry towards the publishers for not putting any warning!

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  3. I wanted to read this at some point. Now i’m kinda intrigued about the whodunnit part. Kinda wonder just how bad can it be… 😀

    I have 13 minutes already, so probably will start there…


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