One house, two women, plenty of secrets: The Sudden Departure of the Frasers


I listened The Sudden Departure of the Frasers by Louise Candlish on Audible and really enjoyed it.

I think I am becoming a fan of Louise Candlish. Having read the second book from her I really love the way she writes, enjoy her slow burning plots transforming into psychological suburban dramas.

Joe and Christy Davenport move to their dream house. They can’t believe their luck- having found a grand London property with such a low price, in a highly desired neighbourhood. But soon after they move in, they realise that the neighbours are avoiding them. Something is iffy! Another neighbour seem to have sold their house hastily, just at same time with Frasers, the previous owners of the house. Why did the Frasers just vanish, not even leaving a forwarding address behind, or saying proper goodbyes? Why people don’t want to speak with the Davenports as if the house is cursed? Clueless of what might have happened in this shiny, perfectly middle class neighbourhood, Christy becomes obsessed with Frasers, and she is quite determined to find out what has happened.

The story is told between Christy Davenport, the new owner and Amber Fraser, the old owner of the house. As Christy explores, Amber tells us what has happened.

I got hooked by the story and I loved the plot. This could happen in real life. It’s not one of those “improbably silly” thrillers. Quite probable story line! If only the end was a bit shorter. I don’t think we had to witness all the loose ends being tied.

I’m already looking forward for the next book from Candlish. Highly recommended if you like suburban dramas!



    • I liked her Stephanie. I think she writes well compared to many other suburban thriller writers 🙂 Let me know how you find her if you get a chance to read.


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