ALL the perfect #PeterSwanson books


I loved everything I read from Peter Swanson so far. The Kind Worth Killing, Her Every Fear (my favourite among the lot), The Girl with a Clock for Heart. All the Beautiful Lies was no exception.

If you’re after a really good quality thriller, then you should try Peter Swanson. He is the master of psychological manipulation and cat and mouse games. His books are not happy, but disturbing in a very elegant way. Problematic, self-seeking, calculating characters. I love the way he creates female characters. Nearly all females he writes / focuses on are strong and independent. A joy to read in a world of Damsel in Distress thrillers!

Harry Ackerson’s book loving, book shop owner father dies during a walk in wilderness. Did he trip over and fall? Or is it suicide? Or more than that? Just days before his graduation ceremony, Harry leaves everything behind and arrives Maine to find her young stepmother of angel-like beauty, Alice grieving.

During the funeral Harry’s eye catches a young woman, who he will meet later, named Grace. Grace says she is new in town- but is she really? And what is she hiding?

Between Alice and Grace Harry finds himself in a game. And there is more to find out with both women.

The story is told between past and present, and flashbacks to Alice’s and later on some other character’s past.

I really enjoyed this book and appreciated the way Swanson brought everything together in the end. I LOVED the ending!

I love and appreciate when disturbing sides of human nature is written in a classy way. There have been so many frustrating books I’ve read in past, trying to build up literary strength of their story in gore, horrific details of violence or abuse.  So when a writer writes with literary quality without seeking help from cheap tactics I am amazed. Bowing down to you and your psychopaths Mr Swanson.


Thank you Mr Swanson and look forward for your next novel!



  1. I haven’t read any of his books but after reading your review, I will definitely check them out as that’s something I would enjoy I think.
    “I love and appreciate when disturbing sides of human nature is written in a classy way.” – so nicely put. I feel the same way! 👌

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