Forgive me bloggers, I’ve bought this books for their covers!



Today I am joining my blogger friend Umut’s meme, which is something I *often* do, buying and judging books by their covers. With a quick rumble in my book jungle I’ve grabbed those 3 pretty chicks to represent you!


This beautiful, gorgeous cover was actually a charity shop bargain. I wish it was a first edition, but sadly, it is a 2nd print. I’ve never read Zoe Heller but heard about her being praised, a lot.

When Joel Litvinoff is felled by a stroke, his wife, Audrey, uncovers a secret that forces her to re-examine her ideas about their forty-year marriage. Joel’s children will soon have to come to terms with this unsettling discovery themselves, but for the time being, they are grappling with their own dilemmas. Rosa is being pressed to make a commitment to religion. Karla is falling in love with the owner of a newspaper concession and Lenny is back on drugs. In the course of battling their own demons and each other, every member of the family is called upon to re-examine long-held articles of faith and to decide what – if anything – they still believe in.

The blurb sounds really promising, and I couldn’t turn my back to this pretty cover that promises a witty and read worthy novel.


Joanne Harris’s A Pocketful of Crows is beautiful to look at. I fell in love with this cover the moment I saw it!!! The story is inspired by a poem called The Child Ballads, and the reviews are quite good, so the force is strong with this one. I was lucky to bag a signed first edition from an Indie bookshop, happy days!


I still remember the moment I read Angela Carter’s The Werewolf for the first time, I was stunned by the power and the magical quality of the writing. I was hungry for more stories of her, most of them is available online to read or in the library, so I read nearly all stories in The Bloody Chamber.

It was the feeling of nostalgia -I’ve read those stories many years ago- as well as this beautiful cover art which made me buy this book. I love the cover. It suits the book so nicely.

Angela Carter is one of my all time favourite authors and she’s an amazing writer. Can’t recommend her more if you haven’t read from her yet. She transforms fairy tales into literary art!!!

So here are my first confessions. There are many more books I’ve bought for covers, but this time these 3 stood out for me. Did you read any of them? Do you like these covers? Drop a comment below to share your thoughts please 🙂

P.S. I was at holiday, so was quieter here! I missed blogging. ❤


  1. Thanks a lot Ova! I really enjoyed your confessions 🙂 I didn’t read all three, but you managed to pubp up my tbr pile! I LOVED the Angela Carter cover. Now I need to go find it 🙈 thanks again!


  2. Reblogged this on UmutReviews and commented:
    Hi friends! Today I’m busy reading The Trick to Time that totally moved my heart, so I thought I’d re-blog my friend Ova’s post joining my Confessions of a Coverholic meme. I absolutely adored the books the bought for their covers, and I have to have that Angela Carter cover, LOL! Have fun and happy weekend reading!


  3. Hey, buying a book for its cover just means that someone somewhere did a really good job designing a book cover, and that’s not a bad thing! We should support good art no matter where it comes from! Also those book covers look AMAZING! I would totally have bought them too!
    Besides, that’s actually how my Mum taught me to buy wine! She said, just pick between red and white and then find the nicest looking label you can find! I don’t drink, so this is largely for present purposes, but I’ve had some really lovely complements on my taste in wine entirely based off this trick!


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