Scythe: Thou shall not make logical assumptions

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Another buddy read, ladies and gentleman, with my fabulous friend Umut who writes her bookish ideas / reviews here.

I listened, and she read the dystopian young adult Sycthe by Neal Shusterman. It was a fun buddy read as we were both left disappointed with the book and commented out to each other during our experience with this book.

Oh my god! This was such a frustrating read. I am baffled at the 4.3 score on Goodreads. GR users might be REALLY generous sometimes.

This is the first book in a series. The story started really good, in a world of near immortality,there are people called Sycthes and it’s their responsibility to kill folks to  control the population. Sycthes kill a number of people randomly, relying on the statistics from “mortal age”. Two teenagers, Citra and Rowan get recruited by a Sycthe and their adventure with Sycthedom begins.. It’s impossible to escape from the flaws of the story which turned into cliché pretty quickly.

I know all fantasy/supernatural stuff is bound to be unrealistic, OK I accept that but a good fantasy/supernatural story will have a set of logic in it. Still be logical within it’s boundaries.

First of all: You have all the technology to defy mortality but still use people to kill other people for population control? And to get trained in martial arts and weapons to do so? Vile in a superficially elite world..


If it was a fun read I wouldn’t mind the lack of logic. But it was really long, and boring, tons of teenage drama and all the philosophy was squeezed in was so stiffening; it made me question the whole point of Sycthedom, which seems pointless to be honest.


So everyone can be revived if they are killed somehow, except burning, but why NOT BURNING?! And if one can burn and die,  how could they  say ‘suicide is not a possibility’?
And at one point n the book, when Rowan was in the helicopter, he wishes for the helicopter to crash, but quickly thinks ‘oh they’ll revive us anyway’. Really? So you can’t burn in an helicopter crash?


Sorry to give this book one star, but this is one of the books I wish I didn’t read and picked another one instead..



  1. Oh dear, definitely not one for me either. Thanks for your honest review!
    By the way I hate when there is a lack of logic as well. That is such a pet peeve of mine and usually results in me being irritated for days afterwards… 🙂

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  2. I’m glad to have read this review Ova! I was anticipating this one after hearing about it. I believe this is the second in this series, but I could be wrong. I’m not a big Fantasy reader, but I do like it to break up all my mystery and thrillers!


    1. Hi Holly, this is the first in the series, I believe the second book is ThunderHead 🙂 Just be aware that it’s a bit of an eye-roll to read, but you can always give it a go 🙂


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