Tangerine: The Talented Mr Ripley goes to Tangier

I wasn’t a fan of this cover as I want to imagine my on version of the people of the book, and seeing the lady on it didn’t help

I finished Christine Mangan’s Tangerine last week and can’t stop thinking how strikingly similar it was with The Talented Mr RipleyI can’t believe  it’s NOT mentioned on the blurb as the publishers are so eager to label books as “for fans of such and such”!

If you liked Ripley, you’ll love this book. I  found Mangan’s writing very similar to Patricia Highsmith’s workin general. It was a sophisticated and heavily psychological thriller but it didn’t exhaust me at all and I nearly finished it in two sittings.

A tense psychological thriller set in Tangier; Tangerine could be summarised as the uneasy friendship between Alice and Lucy.

My friendship with Alice was something that John could not understand, but more than that, it was something he did not like. I could see that now clearly. I tainted her, altered her-or his perception of her, at any rate. Our friendship was a detriment to her character, something that he wished to expunge.

Alice marries John and they move to Tangier from the States. Her friend- an ex-roommate from school- Lucy just shows up one day- uninvited. As her visit stretches with no visible departure date; the tension between them increases. What has happened between Alice and Lucy a year ago and why did Lucy came to Tangier?

This is not a surprise ending book but a very well-written psychological thriller. It was engaging until the end.

Thanks for NetGalley and the publisher for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

If you liked Patricia Highsmith’s Talented Mr Ripley you’ll love this.



  1. I liked this book a lot!
    it didn’t remind me of gillian flynn, but agree on the mr. ripley vibe 🙂
    the cover is not my favourite either. I read it on my kindle, so i didn’t have to look at it too much and in all fairness i imagined both alice and lucy differently to the lady in the picture


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