#MiniReviewMonday : Mini Reviews

I only have one book to review this Monday so I’ll wait for next monday to write the Mini Reviews! But in the meantime, I enjoyed reading Umut’s Mini Reviews here so want to share this 🙂 Hope you have a fabulous reading week!

Umut Reviews


Hello friends! It’s another Monday and I hope you had a great weekend with lots of great books 🙂 Today I’m joining my blogger friend Ova’s fun meme: Mini Review Mondays. She has a great idea of bundling together reviews of some books she read, as it’s hard to write detailed reviews for every single book we read. I couldn’t agree more! She has a great blog, so I’ll link back there for you to check that out as well. Click here to head to her blog.

I am in a reading slump lately. Unfortunately the last few books were not for me, and when they are in a row, it becomes harder to go back to my pace again.

I DNF-ed the last 3 books I attempted to read, but I still find it useful to explain here a little why I didn’t like them. So, here is my…

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