#MiniReviewMonday : Mini Reviews

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I will be hosting another meme on my blog, Mini Review Mondays.

I read lots of books, so far since 1st Jan I have read 27- but I don’t necessarily like each book enough to write a detailed review. So I decided to do mini reviews on mondays for the books that didn’t blow my socks off but still worth mentioning.

Feel free to use this meme, if you want to. Please link back to me and just include a bundle of short reviews including the score you gave to the book.

The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert

34275232This  was something I picked up because I wanted to start reading Ya fiction this year. It was an OK read,  the story started intriguingly but after second half of the book it started being a bit boring and the characterization reminded me A LOT of The Magician series (Lev Grossman) which was also something I wasn’t keen on.

There are lots of actions and drama in it, but WHY do people behave the way they behave, is not clear.  (Sorry trying really hard to not give any spoilers)

Also not sure I liked the romance elements. Things between Finch and Alice sparked too quickly and hastily. Is this something common in YA books, if it is it might not be the right genre for me. I like reading a story with foundations, for me, Hazel Wood didn’t have the foundation but still was an easy read. The first half was better though.

2.5 / 5

The Babysitter by Sheryl Browne



I love ‘gripping psychological thrillers’. I guess Baby Sitter was a psychological thriller, but unfortunately it failed to hook me in.

I think too much was given away from the start and it’s easy to figure out what happened / what will happen, so there is really no element of surprise left for the reader which usually keeps these kind of books going for the reader.

However the style of writing is not bad, I can say I have read far worse written books and the surprise ends were not enough to rescue them from 1 star.



2.5 / 5

Skin Deep by Liz Nugent


This one is one though cookie to review.

I must say Liz Nugent is an extremely talented writer. She rocks. But I also want to say I HATED this book. Oh Dear. I think she is not particularly responsible for my outburst. But the publicity of the book is.

I picked this book up thinking it’s going to be a psychological thriller, as the blurb mentioned an aging woman living alone, dark and twisted story. I think I was too naive.

I loved the first half of this book, amazing, so well-written. But the second half… It was so difficult to read. I feel like my emotions were raped and tortured. I absolutely wouldn’t have picked up this book if I knew it involved child neglect, and disformation from burning etc. I guess my disgust is a proof of how well written this book was – but just the subject is NOT right for me, and I wish it had some sort of warning on it…



Thanks to NetGalley for these ARC’s in exchange of honest reviews.



    • Thanks Stephanie! I don’t want to write too much negative things I know once I start a full review I will end up doing that 🙂


  1. I keep on hearing lots of ‘not what I thought it would be’ reviews about The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert. I think I will give this one a miss.
    I like your meme, what a great idea! 👌👏

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