It’s raining men, grab yours while you can

30753651I have listened Lisa Jewell’s I Found You this week. This is the second book I have read from Jewell and I find her style pretty similar with Kathryn Croft. There is always a middle-age, troubled but good nature woman, prone to make bad decisions. She is mostly mum of 2-3 children and can be seen living in middle class-ish suburban lives very open to make illogical and spontaneous decisions that can cost her everything. Enough said. I think I LIKE this sort of books, but listening them on my walks or when I do house chores, I do not really enjoy reading them, I will end up having too many eye rolls. *auch*

I Found you is a story divided into three plot lines. Past, and present in two different locations, through two females.

Alice is a mum of three living up in THE NORTH, in a seaside town. One day she finds a man on the beach. Yes, she literally sees a man on the beach and takes him in her house like a found puppy. The men is good looking and have no memory of who he is, where he is, or where he came from. Alice, thinking she’s won the lottery, neverminds any possible scary possibilities of accepting a man into her house, listens her heart (or her lady parts maybe) and sees the ‘good’ in this man. The Found Man (whom we will refer as TFM from now on), despite being surprisingly chilled about the situation he is in, completely accepts Alice as a friend and a memory-loss-crush.

While Alice’s alter-ego (or private parts) are screaming to be embraced. Alice needs a MAN. And she just found one- can you believe her luck?!


But luckily she is also still reasonable enough to find out who this man is…And help him to discover his identity.

Anyway, in the same time, down, down away in Britain, somewhere in Surrey, there is a young, beautiful Ukrainian-bride: Lilianna, pretty much a caricature of Russian-Eastern European woman. She is young, beautiful, she wants to live in the UK, she is STRONG. Though titty.  Lily’s husband disappears when they are not even married for a month. One day he leaves for work and whoosh! He is gone. Suddenly Lily is surrounded by the weird British cops, she doesn’t understand a lot of things and a lot of things doesn’t understand her. Lily is only been 10 days or so in this marriage and have already been claiming her husband has a HABIT of coming spot on ALWAYS same time. Anyway… Although the cops doesn’t care, Lilly does everything to find her husband. Good Lily.

So while one good girl takes care of a found man up in north, the other good -but foreign- girl misses a husband. And then there is the third story line,  reaches to 1990s, which will unfold ‘what da heck is happening’.

So this is pretty much a summary of the book. I can’t say I liked it a lot. As Then She Was Gone, this one also has surprisingly accurate descriptions of teenage psychology, and  I found the psychopathic actions quite believable. But for me these were the only good things. OK, ‘who the hell is this found man’ question keeps you going for a while but it is easy to figure out what happened and this is one of the books that you’ll read because it is a page turner. So after the point I guessed the ending, it became a bit of a drag, same as Then She Was Gone. Also, too many coincidences…

Well, people seems to like it as this book have the following scores by the time this review is written:

GoodReads: 4

Amazon: 4.7

Audible: 4.5

My score: 2.5

If you liked this book (or vice versa) try Silent Lies, While You Were Sleeping or The Stranger Within by Kathryn Croft  or I See You from Clare Mackintosh.

Happy Reading!


  1. This is my favorite book by this author so far! I do have her new one to read soon. Fingers crossed I love it!


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