Finding ‘The One’

imagesJohn Marrs is someone you would read once and would want to read again. He started as a self-publishing author and now his books are being translated and sold in many countries!  His books are fast paced, action filled, full of twists and surprises.
The One was the first book I’ve read from him. As a thriller it’s really well written and the science fiction elements are very logically constructed. The One takes place in a world where a software based on your DNA finds your ‘chemical’ match and you have the joy of pure true love. You just meet them and bam! You are imprinted. Old or young, Man or woman, it might match you with anyone, anywhere in the world.

We have multiple characters and each of them have a journey of finding their ‘One’. I can’t say I loved all of the plot lines, particularly two of them was a bit dragging for me and I couldn’t wait to get on to next chapter to see what’s happening with the others.

I also liked the sarcastic touches on “rendezvous” and the obsession of finding ‘the right one’ in a world of endless online dating tools! Hey, people used to send handwritten love letters to each other once, now it’s just a swipe right or left!

I loved how it end, although it was guessable, really enjoyed this and will recommend.


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