Watch Me by Jody Gehrman


Kate is an creative writing professor in a small college and a writer. She had written a fabulous debut novel but couldn’t produce anything remarkable since that and stuck within academia, depending on a job as she cannot rely on book sales. She is recently divorced, and her only close friend is having a baby, meaning she will not see her as much as she did before. A sea of babies and mums will get between the two.

Kate in a nutshell: reaching forty, her youth and career is fading. But she is an intelligent and elegant woman!

One day, Kate meets Sam Grist. Sam is an extremely talented creative writing student and he is very keen on what he wants…and HE WANTS KATE!!! There is a sexual tension and attraction between the two however Kate cannot escalate their relationship as she is his tutor. But Sam watches Kate and begins to intervene her life. He does things that will change EVERYTHING for both of them.

I liked this book, however I couldn’t help spotting some issues with it.

I really liked Kate’s observations about the other woman, especially ones with children, her character is greatly portrayed. You can feel the depression of getting old without a decent partner, the disappointment of her fading career, her ex walking away with a younger woman… And the inevitable loneliness that comes with being an intelligenet woman! She is really too good for Raul’s of these world!

Sam on the other hand doesn’t feel complete to me. Where is all his confidence coming? His mental state didn’t spook me, I couldn’t feel him as a sociopath really. I think the aim was him being a creepy character, he is in a way but only with actions. Not with his psychological state, unfortunately I didn’t feel his mental state on the pages. He keeps repeating ‘God, how I ….’ and that doesn’t help. This repetition really was an arrow to the knee for the storytelling.


During reading this book I always pictured Kate as Lip’s sexy professor in Shameless! Can’t help remembering these two. 

Overall I liked this book, however it could have been a bit shorter, and the character Sam could have been portrayed better.

I would like to read this author again.

Thanks to NetGalley and the Publisher for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review


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