Shit hit the fan While You Were Sleeping

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I’ve listened two books one after another from Kathryn Croft this week on Audible. Silent Lies and While You were Sleeping. I must admit they’re pretty quick to finish, however I am not sure if I liked them. I guess they were okay, well at least Silent Lies was better I think. I am not happy with narration… Both books were read by the same lady, her voice unfortunately didn’t really work for me. I also didn’t liked the plot lines.

The problem is that these books contain too much domestic drama! I know most thrillers have this sort of subjects going on, but the characters in these books were not feeling real at all.

While You Were Sleeping starts with Tara waking up next to her neighbour, Lee, completely NAKED. And Lee is Dead!!!


Yes you’ve read it right. Tara is a mum of two, married with a man who adores her. She has a lovely little boy, Spencer and a nightmarish teenage girl, Rosie. Almost anything Rosie says could be a lie. Rosie is not reliable. Bad Rosie!

She remembers going to Lee’s house but has no memory of how she ended up sleeping next to him.


Right…A murder investigation starts, naturally. And we suspect everyone, literally everyone in Tara’s life gets tangled into this murder mystery. Her kid, her weirdo stalker Mickey, her husband, her husband’s platonic ex etc. There are too many people into each other, too many lies. It gets a bit repetitive and at one point I wanted to just shout out:


Just tell me who did it! What’s going on?! Thankfully in the end everything is explained, and I understand Croft wanted to create a shocking ending but I didn’t feel everything really fits together…But then that’s just me. The book has such a high score on Goodreads so others seem to have enjoyed it.

It’s a quick and easy read, a page turner to spend a couple of hours with. Still some things bugged me in this book (and Silent Lies too) as the character narrates and she always say things like:

I almost stop breathing

Almost an eternity passes

I hold my breath

etc…In my humble opinion these sort of repetitive descriptions really drop the quality of story telling.

displeases me

Sorry to be picky. In this review a picture worth a thousand words!!!

Happy reading 🙂


By the time this review is published this book has following scores:

Goodreads : 3.85

Amazon: 4.2

Audible: 3.9


What do you think?

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