13 Minutes by Sarah Pinborough

27802575I don’t really read many Young Adult novels. But I’ve read so much praise about this book and gave it a go. I’m glad I did! Last year I’ve read Behind Her Eyes by Pinborough also liked it.

This book is a real page turner. The story is easy to get in from the first few chapters. A girl is found in a frozen river. She was dead for 13 minutes but she’s revived. The girl is Tasha- the most popular girl in the school and the leader of the ‘Barbie’ pack.

Barbies- Tasha, Hayley and Jenny are best friends and they’re the effortless teenage beauties. But after coming back to life Tasha isn’t sure if her friends are really her friends anymore. There is also nerdy Becca, a girl Tasha used to be be friends with before her boobs puffed up. Although they’ve paused this friendship by Tasha’s cruelty, this new unfortunate events brings them together again. Could Tasha trust anyone? Could she find out what happened to her? This is the story we’ll read on!

We switch between Tasha and Becca, and it’s really tense. You end up suspecting almost everyone and cannot stop until you found out the truth behind everything.

This is a well written book in the way it tells about how cruel teenagers could be. I remember my teenage years and how difficult it was from time to time, growing is painful! The parts which the characters were frustrated about adults, and thinking ‘if they haven’t been a teenager’ were totally accurate. Adults don’t make sense to teenagers!

I also loved how it ended. Will definitively read Sarah Pinborough again.

One little thing though, not sure why Tasha is red haired on the cover when she’s mentioned to be blonde many times!

My score: 4 out of 5

This book is published by Orion Publishing Group at Feb 2016 and has:

GoodReads: 3.95

Amazon: 4.3

Audible: 4

scores by the time this review is written.


  1. I read this book too Ova and I enjoyed it as much as you did. The book definitely doesn’t have the problem of too cliche endings or too predictable. There’s certain element of intelligence and also good writing. Thanks for your review. I thoroughly enjoy your blog.


    • Thanks for visiting my blog Umut. Your comments means a lot!!
      I definitely agree. This book is Pretty Little Liars with a dash of Mean girls, if you know what I mean! Enjoyable read with interesting characters. I think the realistic portrayal of teenager cruelty made me like this book too..


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