One Little Mistake by Emma Curtis

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One Little Mistake confused me. I wasn’t sure about what the mistake was. There were many! Not sure how little they were… And also it wasn’t clear which character should I be sympathising! (Maybe it was intended that we don’t like the characters)

I guess it is an okay book overall. I ended up reading this book because it has such an high score on Goodreads. Maybe that might be part of disappointment. This wasn’t a bad read.

This is a story about two friends: Vicky and Amber. Vicky is a proper middle class woman, with a good-looking husband, 2 beautiful children. (Yet another book which kind of claims if a woman has a well-earning husband and a couple up well look after children she has it all.) Amber- who is working in an estate agent, she has a husband and a lovely daughter but she isn’t as lucky as Vicky. Her family lives in a flat, and she can’t financially afford what Vicky can. Oh. Sweet envy? Then, one day, Vicky does a little mistake- or two? As I said, not sure how many. Then shit hits the fan.

There are some secrets to reveal, though they are a bit predictable.   I didn’t like the shell covering the female characters, the poor little ‘depressed suburban wife’ figures who is ready to give in to desire. And what about the male characters? They are vague, except one, let me say ‘the villain’ for the sake of not revealing anything. Although the writing style isn’t bad, I ended up settling with 3 stars.

Still, it is a page turner. So if you’re looking for an easy read, it might be the right one for you.

3 out of 5 stars from me.

By the time this review is written :

Goodreads score is 4.1

Amazon Score: 4.4

Audible Score: 4.3

Publisher: Penguin, 448 pages, published June 2017


  1. Thanks Ova! It’s good to read honest reviews that leaves interpretation and space for different tastes. you do it very well. I think I would have considered to read this if it was less pages, but we have so many books on list that reading an average book that has over 400 pages is a bit of loss of time. Thanks again for a great review!

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    1. hey thanks for reading Umut ! You are right, there are so many novels to read. I guess if the story is grabbing your attention maybe you should give a try.. But if not, try another one 🙂


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